Why Write A Small Note?

We live in a world wear we are surrounded by news of violence within our own country and around the world. Stress is abundant. The world moves quickly and we are expected to keep pace. Wasn't there ever a day where it was all just too much? You just needed a breather? A reminder that it's not all for naught? There is hope in this world. There is friendship. There is compassion. There is love. There are people who inspire. Be a part of this mission.

Become the light in someone's day. Just write a small uplifting phrase. Leave it in a spot where they can find it later or hand it directly to them.  How wonderful would it be to collect these phrases of comfort on a board in your room?  At your office?  It'll be a reminder of the good things life can bring.

Add the hashtags #YouMatterToMeProject or #YM2M to your note.  Take a chance that they look up the mission and join in, too.

cards on the wooden background, A card decorated with hearts.

Want To Get Started Right Away?

Are you ready to start sharing some inspiring/kind/loving words with others?  We made some printables to get you started.  Both fit 8.5x11 paper.  Card stock is best but regular paper works just fine. They are small enough to fit in your pocket which give you the option of filling them out at will.  Have fun.  Be kind.  Spread some love.   (Snap a pic if you want to share it with us. Email it, post it to our Facebook page or hashtag it on Instagram)

Print options: gold or multicolor

Join Our Mission

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