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How Can I Spread Kindness?

There are many ways to spread love and kindess throughout the world.  Our main mission at the You Matter To Me Project™ is to spread it through words... something tangible that can be seen, cherished, and held on to.  Quite possibly even something you can look at again and again in times of need to bring comfort.

How do you get involved?  We've come up with several different ideas below to get you started.  Help us spread the mission of the #YouMatterToMeProject worldwide.

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Send Letters

Pick a person. Write a long letter and explain to them why #YouMatterToMe. Handwritten notes are best. They are more personal.  Send to a close friend, family member, colleague or anyone who has made a difference in your life.  Let them know because they deserve to know they matter to you.

Write Small Notes

On a small piece of paper or post-it leave a small note for someone you know. Something simple, something personal, something inspirational to change their day in a positive manner.  Be aware of those around you. Observe.  Find someone in need and fill the need with a small gesture. Join the #YM2M movement.

Random Notes

Leave/give random inspirational notes for strangers to find. You never know who is having a bad day. One small gesture can turn it all around.  Reach out.  Overextend your self to benefit the emotional well-being of someone around you. A great way to explore this option is to become a #YM2MAmbassador. The You Matter To Me ™ Ambassador Program is just beginning so consider signing up.

Join Our Mission

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