Our Story

This version of the You Matter To Me Project came about in two different ways.  It was the merging of ideas from two different individuals with caring hearts who were looking in their own way to spread a bit of sunshine in the world.  These two close friends discussed the idea of making this something bigger and that's how the You Matter To Me Project grew its presence on social media.

Ginny and Shelby had two different visions but both with the same goal in mind... to uplift others.  The alignment of these two visions meet the needs of many different people.  Regardless, each version is a reminder that #youmatter in this world.  YOU make a difference.  YOU are needed by someone.  YOU are appreciated even at times where you may not feel it yourself.  The You Matter To Me Project helps us to remind others that they are not alone.


Ginny Silvestro

Ginny's Story

I started the #YouMatterToMe Project on my blog, Finding My Happy, after a year of self-reflection and growth.  I suffered severely from post-partum anxiety and with that came a lot of feelings of self-doubt and of feeling unimportant.  It took a full year of digging deep inside and recognizing myself, my importance in this world, seeing the reasons that I matter, feeling deep down that I belong here.  Although it hurts me to say it, I just didn’t feel it.  I didn’t for a long time.  I have spent my entire life trying to make everyone around me feel important, feel loved, feel special, feel needed.  Through all that, I’ve built solid relationships but at the same time it caused me at times to feel that I wasn’t worth caring about.  Through nothing but through my own head, I made myself feel like I wasn’t important.  I decided that she never wanted anyone to ever feel that way.  I just felt empty.  What I found though is that the emptiness gave me strength.  When I started to feel that strength I wanted to write, and I did.  I took my strength in words and I put it to paper.  That is where the #YouMatterToMe project began. My undertaking, which I’d started slowly but only because it has true meaning, was to write handwritten letters. They were deep letters.  Letters where you sit down an tell someone exactly what you see in them and why they made a difference in my life.  That is where I found my purpose and I encouraged others to do the same.


Shelby Eckard

Shelby's Story

I joined the You Matter To Me Project by way of inspiration not only from my best friend, Ginny, but from my own personal experience with small words and acts of kindness changing my own life.  As someone whose life is exposed on the internet, it opened my eyes to some of the ugly experiences in the world.  However, through simply asking other to leave a sentence for me to post up on my pin board, ultimately I saw that the world and humans are good - we just need small reminders of that.  A little kindness goes a long way.  I'm excited to encourage others to be the beam of light in someone's dark day.