Option 1 - Send Mail

Pick a person. Write a long letter about why #YouMatterToMe Handwritten notes are best. They are more personal.

Option 2 - Write A Small Note

On a small piece of paper or post-it leave a small note for someone you know. Something simple, something personal, something inspirational.

Option 3 - Random Acts of Kindness

Leave/give random inspirational notes to strangers. You never know who is having a bad day. One small gesture can turn it all around.

The #YouMatterToMe Project

We live in a world where technology is everywhere.  Personalization has disappeared. The strength and comradery of friendship is still there, but it’s different.  It’s behind a screen.  Human contact is lost.  For someone who is a deep feeler,  a deep thinker, someone who craves the sound of a voice, the feel of a good hug, the warmth of a smile… the loss of that just changes your world.  I had nothing left but words.

Words.  Words can mean so much if written correctly.  They can make you feel warm inside.  They can make you feel loved. They can make you cry.  So this is what I ask of you: Write.  Just write.

Write to a loved one in a letter. Write to an acquaintance on a sticky note.  Leave a random note for a stranger.  Spread some kindness in this world with the hope that they will pass it along, too.

Empty copyspace valentine card or love letter composition

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